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Great Horse World Art by animal artist Clare Hobson. Originals, prints and Custom portraits of Horses & Dogs.

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Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty,  as a result, I am now the owner of a beautiful 3 horse t-shirt that came in the mail yesterday. I love it.  I wanted to thank you very much for the opportunity to do business with you.  This shirt will be worn with pride at the Equine Affaire in Massachusetts next week.
Thanks again.
Deanne Parker      


Clare,   Every day I look up the wall  over my desk and see the wonderful vision of Paddington  that you captured so beautifully over a year ago.  When I'm feeling a bit low or am hard at work, all I need do is look upwards and suddenly a smile is on my face.
Having seen some of your other work, I knew you to be a very talented artist, but truly it was uncanny the way you  somehow managed to capture the very  essence of this old horse and his unique personality.
I thank you each and every day for Paddington's  portrait.
Belinda Tully Glionna


Nov-05-00 Outstanding piece! Will make a GREAT Gift for my trainer. Highly Recommended   

Dee Streb

Sept-22-00 BEAUTIFUL print!!! GREAT service!!!!! Will buy from again, SUPER friendly!!!!!   What more can I say . I love it. Can't wait to see others. AA+

Cindy Becker


Email from Linda Weldon: (Nov.29,1999)

Clare, just wanted to say that when Mary and I commissioned the "Fergie" portrait as a fortieth birthday present for Catherine we had NO idea just how beautiful it would turn you recall, we both cried when we saw it! Once my husband had seen the picture, he realized a portrait of "Robbie" would be just the gift to make my 40th memorable! All too true...the picture captures the very "essence" of my wonderful beast! Of course, once she saw MY portrait, Mary had to have one of "Preston". Again, your work was OUTSTANDING. I would HIGHLY recommend that everyone who truly loves their horse and wants to capture the spirit of their animal for posterity have Clare Hobson bring their pet to life with a beautiful portrait! She is one of the MOST talented and gifted artists around!
Linda Weldon, Toronto, Ontario, Canada




"The polo drawing which I had commissioned for my sister and her husband, Sherry Lee and John Price was magnificent - beyond my expectations. They are involved with the game of polo and have spoken most highly of your ability for detail. Thank you, Clare. Your drawings come to life."

 Barbara Wigle, 
Burlington, Ontario



e-mail from: Bernhard Fritzsche and Dorothy Seefried

Subject: Trooper's picture

    Hi, Clare and Tom! 

    "Trooper" came back from the framing shop, looking spectacular! At the gallery Dorothy was immediately approached by a man who loves horse pictures. Another horse person demanded to see your flyer with the picture of "Seafox", Dorothy came home and immediately had to drive back to the farm to deliver the wanted material. 

    Dorothy and Bernhard

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